Sometimes I think this notion about having one great big, fantastic dream in life is something of a hoax. Maybe it's because I've only ever had a mosaic of dreams - a hundred little ones, and few big ones to focus on. Regardless, I spent the last year of my life wondering what my "big dream" is - the one I'm supposed to be chasing. And I couldn't come up with any one thing. So here is my list of 30, some big, some medium, and some little - 30 things I want to do before the big 3-0. Most of these things terrify me, which is probably a good thing. Also, you'll notice only 20 on this list. I'm leaving room to add more as I grow ... Suggestions welcome!

And I will, naturally, aim to catalog each experience here, on these little pages. Wish me luck!

1. Become a mom.

2. Climb Mount Washington again.

3. Climb a fourteener in Colorado.

4. Go to an Alabama football game in Bryant-Denny Stadium. (Preferably with my husband and brother-in-law.)

5. Go to Israel.

6. Finish my Master's. (In Theological Studies. From Covenant.)

7. Adopt a second cat, or a dog. Or both :)

8. Spend a weekend with my Uncle Bob, learning all the stories and cataloging the history in the House on Johnson Street. (My great-grandparents' house, which is full of our family's history - more or less preserved, as no one has lived there in decades.)

9. Take my mom on a spa vacation.

10. Drink an Irish Car Bomb. (Preferably with Daniel, Wesley, and Elissa. You know who you are.) Completed August 2, 2013.   


11. Have a fantastic girls' weekend in an amazing city. Completed Labor Day 2013 - Asheville, NC.

12. Go to New York again.

13. Do a sprint triathalon (preferably with Price).

14. Finish knitting the blanket I started last year.

15. Consistently write things that are encouraging, uplifting, and that people want to read.

16. Memorize Romans 8.

17. Teach a class, or a group of people. Preferably something about the Bible/faith. (Adults, not children.)

18. Be a part of a really amazing church group again.

19. Go skiing for the first time. Completed March, 2014 - Breckenridge, CO

20. Have longer hair than I've ever had before.

21. Be able to consistently fry the perfect egg, with a delightfully runny yolk.  

22. Travel somewhere awesome to run a race. Completed October 13, 2013 - Chicago Marathon.  

23.  Finally watch the original 3 Star Wars  movies. Preferably with my in-laws.

24.  Learn to parallel park. (Note: this is the scariest thing on this list.)

25.  Plant a magnolia tree in the backyard of our first house.

26. Go to either a Renovare or Laity Lodge retreat.

27. Hike more of the Appalachian Trail.

28. Go on a silent retreat or a spiritual-directed retreat.

29. Visit New Orleans