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A bookworm from birth, I wrote my first "novels" about pioneers (loosely based on Laura Ingalls, of course) and read Anne of Green Gables (all 8, of course) more times than I can count. My love of storytelling (and penchant for editing all my friends' school papers and college essays) led me to study journalism at Belmont University, where I honed my writing, editing and communications skills as editor of the newspaper and captain of the debate team. These days, I'm still a bookworm (most recently re-reading some of my favorite Jane Austen novels) with a masters degree in theology and almost a decade of professional editing, writing and marketing experience. I love to bake (especially bread), run, and pretend that I will have a clean house one day (despite having two delightful daughters under 4). I live in a story-filled Civil War town, love to debate theology with my friends, and escape to the mountains whenever I can.



I've spent the last 8 years developing content, curriculum, and books for a bestselling children's media brand, driving more than 2 million unique pageviews annually. Read more about my experience here. I graduated cum laude with a Masters in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, and am currently pursuing a range of editing, writing, research and marketing communications freelance opportunities.

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